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BTC value is has been making new records for a long period of time. Meaning, the price of Bitcoin has been increasing since the beginning of 2020.

The price of Bitcoin has increased so much within such a short span of time because of many reasons. 

One of them is a constant increase in the utilization, circulation, demand, and limited supply, three basic rules of economics. 

These three basic rules of economics have the capability of taking any cryptocurrency’s value to the next level. This is why BTC value is increasing because of these basic rules of economics. 

In case you scroll down to read this post completely and carefully, you will get to know about the way increased utilization, circulation, demand & limited supply has increased BTC value

What is Utilization?

Utilization tells us about the usage statistics of something. 

The more something is utilized on the more number of platforms by the more number of users, the utilization graph of that particular product goes high. 

Utilization Graph |

Coming to the point, the utilization of Bitcoin has increased worldwide. It is now being as a preferred mode of payment in many domains and on multiple platforms as well.

This is taking BTC’s utilization to the next level. This is how the circulation of BTC is also increasing. 

What is Circulation? 

Circulation is the market supply of some products.

Once the circulation of a product goes high, the demand automatically reaches the next level for increasing its supply. 

BTC Circulation

BTC is now being accepted as a preferred mode of payment in multiple domains worldwide. 

As a result, the demand for BTC is increasing in various domains. This demand is not being fulfilled completely. 

Meaning, the demand for BTC is not being fulfilled fully. Its supply is being limited due to halving and many more reasons. 

Demand and Supply:

The application of this concept of economics plays its role when the demand for some product increases by manifolds and the supply has to be cut short in order to ensure the increase in the price of the product. 

Demand and Supply |

In simple words, the demand for BTC has increased in the market by manifolds.

The creators of Bitcoin now want increase to increase the demand for Bitcoin and limit its market circulation/supply to ensure an increase in its price. 

The Bottom Line:

This is how the BTC value has gone so high. 

This is the way the price of LPN TOKEN is going to reach the next level to be the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021.

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