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Differentiate Between A Fake Or Real Cryptocurrency | LPNTOKEN

How to Differentiate Between A Fake Or Real Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is proving to be the hottest financial revolution of the 21st century. Since its inception, the popularity graph of cryptocurrency is going up. This is why people are now looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021. But the journey of cryptocurrency to the top of the financial has never been so easy.

This form of decentralized finance witnessed unprecedented growth. This attracted potential users’ attention. However, it soon exploded like a bubble. Investors were left with no choice but to find a way to identify fake and the best real cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021.

This is what this post will educate you about. Therefore, you had better read it till the end.

Look For Cryptocurrencies With Open Source Development:

All update logs of open-source cryptocurrencies are available for the public and outside development.  An open-source crypto currency is usually open to feedback for a better quality of development.

Another key thing that you must is the level of development that has gone into the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 that you have chosen. You can usually check it on GitHub, a web repository used by developers worldwide.

Look For The Specifications of Cryptocurrency:

That’s right! This is another key thing that you that must look for in the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021. Given below is the list of them:

Consider the quality of public investors and public developers involved in it.

Keep your eyes on the frequency of updates.

Some more things that you must consider:

There are some things for new crypto investors to consider while choosing the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021. For reason, some tech experts managed to develop a clone of this decentralized financial technology and introduced fake versions of cryptocurrencies. This resulted in decentralized financial scams and spoiled investor’s trust.

According to Mr. Happy Sheikh, Global Corporate Head, LPN TOKEN, must look for some more things to identify a fake or real cryptocurrency.

  • See if it has its own community of users or not.
  • Is it a token or a coin?
  • Is it based on its own blockchain or third-party blockchain?
  • Background
  • Past/present/future roadmap
  • Utility promised.


This is exactly where the LPN TOKEN proves to be the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021. It is because this decentralized multi-utility token based on the ERC20 protocol of Ethereum blockchain has every characteristic listed above.

Therefore, its market value will definitely reach the next level in 2021.

Coming back to the point, this must-have guide you to some extent about the way you can choose the best decentralized digital currency for investment. In case you still have any doubt in this regard, you can get in touch with our support team anytime.

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