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Education About Fake Email – A Cryptocurrency Scam |

The count of people searching for new crypto asset s to invest in is going up these days. This  is mainly because the price of Bitcoin is on cloud nine these days. 

Most of the crypto enthusiasts are ready to take any amount of risk to invest in crypto king’s alternatives. This helps hackers/scammers trap their victim easily. 

One of the common type of scam swindlers execute is the fake email. 

Fake Email – A Cryptocurrency scam:

Fake Email – A Cryptocurrency Scam |

Fake emails are the most popular medium scammers use to trap investors. Such emails appear to be very much legit. It is not easy to identify fake emails. Scammers utilize the potential of a legit company’s name, logo, headers, names, addresses and social media handles etc.. 

This makes it very difficult for enthusiasts looking for new crypto assets to invest in to differentiate between a legit email and fake email. 

Hopefully, you have come to know about the way scammers make the best use of fake emails lure investors in ponzi schemes. You should know about the way you can save yourself from this form of scam in this domain of finance. 

The Way You Can Stay Away From Fake Email Crypto Scam:

  • You need to do research about the information you receive in such an email. 
  • Click the website address given in it. You may notice a punny code in it and the website will not open. 
  • Notice the style of writing in that email. (Take notice of the font style/size and grammar errors).
  • Genuine cryptocurrency companies will never ask you to share kind of account or banking details. 
  • Check the quality of logo attached in that email. 
  • Get in touch personally with the representative of the cryptocurrency company stated in that email. 
  • Check about the liabilities of trader. 
  • Check the reputation of trader on some reputed DeFi exchange.  

Coming to the point, this is something that you must know about before or while looking for a new crypto assets to invest in. If you are one of those crypto enthusiasts, get in touch with us right now and we will be more than happy to answer your queries. 

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