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The Way Hackers Steal Your Crypto Funds Using Malware AttacksThe price of Bitcoin, the crypto king is reaching the next level on daily basis. It is now fast becoming impossible for many to invest in Bitcoin. This is why people are nowadays looking for a new coin to invest in. This gives hackers a perfect chance to execute malware attacks on crypto accounts of people.

What is Malware?

What is Malware | LPNTOKEN

Malwares are medium for hackers to gain access to the following: 

  • Access to the passwords of computer networks. 
  • For stealing passwords to access credit/debit card numbers. 
  • For stealing your Internet banking user id, passwords, bank account number and other relevant details. 

Hackers had been making use of malware attacks to wipe-out your centralized financial funds from your account. 

Coming to the point, in case you are looking for a new coin to invest in the domain of decentralized finance, you must know about the way hackers are utilizing the potential of Malware attacks to run away with your crypto funds. 

Is your cryptocurrency wallet connected to the internet? In case your answer to this question in yes, hacker can use malware attacks with the objective of accessing and draining your funds. 

In case you are not protecting your account, hackers have every possible chance to run away with your crypto funds. 

This is something that you must know about before/while looking for a new coin to invest in. 

How Do Malware Attacks Work?

You are sent an email containing malicious links or software (.Exe files). Once you click the link and download the malicious software from a website and social media platform that your are redirected to. 

This is how you get to read a malicious post on social media platforms. These malicious posts claim that a certain platform or thing will allow you to mine cryptocurrency for free. You are asked to download it and begin the mining process. 

Once you download it, you are done! 

Coming to the point, this is something that you must know about if you are looking for a new coin to invest in. 

Therefore, you are advised to have a wise head on your shoulders and take the right decision to stay away from malware attacks. 

In case you need any help about it, get in touch with our chat on website and team at [email protected] any time. 

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