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People in all parts of the world are nowadays interested in lower risk and high APY for a better quality of financial life. Unlike popular traditional centralized domains of finance, cryptocurrencies are exceeding investors’ financial expectations on this front. 

Cryptocurrencies offer a variety of methods to help you earn from your investments. HODL (Hold On For Dear Life), APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield. APY is attracting a million eyeballs worldwide. This post is going to guide you about the way you can earn APY with cryptocurrencies and the cryptocurrencies offering APY.

Time is money! Let’s get to the point.


What Is APY?

In the concept of lower risk higher APY, this is the first thing for you to know about it. APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is the estimated rate of annual return. APY is calculated after considering the compounding interest. The application of this concept helps you earn interest on your investment in the domain of virtual decentralized assets for a better quality of life. 

How To Earn Higher Apy With Lower Risk 

Owning a certain amount of tokens/coins and staking are two methods of earning APY with cryptocurrencies. In case you want to earn APY, staking is much better than HODL. But how? This must be one of the million questions doing rounds in mind. 

The answer to this question is very simple. APY is an interest that you earn on the amount staked tokens/coins in addition to the increased value of your crypto on the market front. 

Coming to the lower risk higher APY point, continue reading further to know the names of some cryptocurrencies offering the best return on investment in the form of Annual Percentage Yield. 

Velas (VLX)

This one could be a great option when we talk about lower risk higher APY. It is a decentralized ecosystem designed and developed to build user-friendly products dedicated to respecting the transparency and privacy of users.

It rewards those who stake their VLX to support decentralization. The process of staking in it is hassle-free. Just choose the pool, enter the amount, and calculate your rewards and you are good to go.

This one could be a great medium for you to increase your wealth passively. VLX could help you earn an annual percentage yield between 1.50% to 1.65% (on monthly basis) easily.

USDT (Tether)

Tether is a stable coin, a kind of virtual decentralized financial asset, dedicated to keeping cryptocurrency variations stable. Cryptocurrency investors from all parts of the world leverage its potential for avoiding the extreme volatility of other cryptocurrencies. 

Is lower risk higher APY your objective of investing in this innovative decentralized domain of finance? In case your answer to the question is yes, USDT could be one of the best possible options for you. You can easily increase your bank balance by earning APY on USDT. 


This one is attracting a million eyeballs every day throughout the cryptocurrency market. The credit goes to the initiatives being taken by the team LPNT to improve the financial experiences of people with it worldwide. 

Introduction of various staking packages tops the list of initiatives taken by the team. The amount of APY likely to be earned by you depends on the amount of LPN TOKENS are willing to deposit. 

The team has designed and introduced multiple staking packages. The purpose of these staking packages is to help you make the right decision easily and offer you lower risk higher APY for earning more income. You can choose any package of your choice and deposit the number of LPNT TOKENS as per your wish to earn APY. Remember, the higher the deposit, the higher the APY! 

This ERC20 multi-utility digital decentralized token is currently offering the highest amount of interest (APY) on deposit to make it one of the highest interest-paying cryptocurrencies in the world on deposit. What are you waiting for? Get on your system up & running and take the right decision and experience the way money begets money in the most innovative manner. Stop wasting time get lower risk higher APY. Get to the work on your screen and research the way you can earn a higher amount/percentage of APY without much risk with this one.


When we talk lower risk higher APY then how could you forget the crypto king for lucrative passive income? It has been ruling the entire cryptocurrency market since its inception. It falls in the category of high yield investment trends in the domain of virtual decentralized finance.

Many platforms dealing in the domain of cryptocurrency and relevant investments are offering a lucrative amount of interest on the deposit of Bitcoin for a longer period of time. 


When we talk about lower risk higher APY, This one could be a profitable option for you in two ways. You can either stake your ETH or deposit your funds on the platforms offering cryptocurrency loans to users. These cryptocurrency lending platforms utilize your crypto funds deposited on their platforms to offer loans to other users. In return, you stand an opportunity to earn up to 5% to 7% interest. Remember, you will need to have at least 32 Ethereum for staking. Once your ETH balance reaches or crosses the count of 32, your Ethereum gets automatically staked to yield returns for you in the form of APY. 

In case you don’t like the first option, staking ETH on the ETH2.0 beacon chain could be a great option for you. This could help you earn interest on the amount of ETH staked by you. The percentage of interest could be anywhere between 4% to 20%. It all depends on the platform you are staking your ETH on and the amount of ETH you are willing to stake. 

When it comes to the lower risk higher APY concept, The count of people looking for cryptocurrencies offering the best returns on investments in reaching the next level faster. However, you are advised to be wise and do your homework to make the right choice. The outcomes of your homework surely earn you a higher amount of interest on your crypto deposits. It will save you a lot of money also. A penny saved is a penny earned! Don’t forget that!

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